Predicting The Top Five Running Backs

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Predicting The Top Five Running Backs

When it comes to fantasy football, running backs are always the cream of the crop. If you have a first-round pick, chances are you will be taking a guy who can carry the ball and pick up both a ton of yards and a ton of touchdowns. The question is who are the absolute best options available?

Leading the way is none other than reigning MVP Adrian Peterson. After a devastating knee injury to end the 2011 season, Peterson returned to lead the Minnesota Vikings to a pretty solid season. He came within just a few yards of breaking the all-time single-season rushing record, and he appears to be fully healthy and ready to go for 2013. Thanks to a more balanced squad, he could even have better numbers this season.

While Peterson is the consensus number 1 running back in fantasy football, things get a bit trickier after that. Arian Foster and Doug Martin appeared to be the next best running backs, although both have a few flaws. Foster at times can seemingly disappear from games as the Houston Texans throw the ball instead. For Martin, he still is learning at the NFL level, and he too can be a bit streaky. No running back in the NFL is going to be a lock, but these two seem destined for very solid seasons.

While guys like Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice and Lesean McCoy seem solid, they all fall slightly below the 2 running backs who round out the top 5 right now. Those two are Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs and C.J. Spiller of the Buffalo Bills. Neither one of these teams have a particularly strong quarterback in place just yet, so in order to get offense, they need to run the ball. These guys are workhorses for their respective teams, so they will get plenty of touches throughout the year. Falling behind late in games is bad for running backs, but these guys do too much when they get a chance to simply ignore.

All of these are valid first round picks, but should you miss out on one of these in your draft don’t worry, there will be some fantasy football sleepers for you to take a punt on.


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