A Whole New World

As I stated in the introductory post of this blog, a long 42 weeks ago, (wow!), this blog gives me the unique opportunity to both write as I wished and choose my own subject matter. This presented the chance to combine two great loves: sports and writing – unifying the pair. 

Last Friday my dream to become a sportscaster/sportswriter/sports-something took a bold step further down the road leading to my goal. I was hired by Rant Sports to be a writer and analyst on my favorite team in my favorite sport: the Boston Red Sox. It’s a promotion to AA – if this blog is Single-A and it may seem like a small jump, but it couldn’t feel any better. 

Writing for them is unlike anything I’ve ever done before, there’s a style sheet, a “Blogger Bible,” and an exact requirement on pixel-size for pictures. It’s been an educational experience that has provided as many joys as it has challenges. 

I encourage you to check out my posts below as you see fit on my profile, but if you only give one a glance, let it be: The Woody Allen Line, which is a truly special article to me in which I invent a stat!

Don’t worry, folks, Purely For Sport is here to stay as well. I will never forget that this got me started and I will never forget to update every Monday!


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