Year in Review: 2013’s Top Posts

After the One-Year Retrospective from last week, this article is going to slow things down a bit and take you back to what has happened over the previous year. It’ll take you back through 2013 – except without the annoyances of swag and hashtag, “Bro tanks” and ear gauges, photo filters and going gluten-free.

The top posts of 2013!

5. The Derision (178 reads) – A completely fictionalized satire on two stigmatized parties in the national spotlight: LeBron James and his love for Nickelback. This Onion-esque article was for a change of pace on “Purely For Sport” and drew both raves reviews and harsh critiques of condemnation. A polarizing piece of creative writing in which the names, dates, and places are based on real names, dates, and places.

4. Mocking the Mocks (212 reads) – The absolutely absurd – and often inaccurate – practice of “mock drafts.” If you feel this way, commiserate! A look at Mel Kiper (JR, of course) and Todd McShay’s “expert analysis” that led them to brazenly say, “The number one pick is a lock, but after that, no one knows!” – They got the number pick wrong – their “lock.”

3. A Shark’s Inability to Separate (251 reads) – After the arrest of New England Patriots’ Tight End Aaron Hernandez, this piece takes a look at other famous athletes who could not escape their pasts. In most cases, the gang members friends and lifestyle of drugs and women caught up to each and every one of them. From the Bad Newz for Michael Vick, to Philly’s Southside where Allen Iverson and his crew ran – no one is safe from their high school pals even after graduation. All because a person with a 4.4 40 time cannot outrun themselves.

2. Rushing the Same Way Since 1984: Adrian Peterson and the NFL of Today (319 reads) – Only the third post on “Purely for Sport” ever and one of my favorites. An analysis of Adrian Peterson’s response when a reporter asked him what is why like to fall just seven yards shy of the rushing record and what it means. A hypothesis that if Peterson is just a microcosm of the NFL, then the League has many things to be proud of.

1. Neglect on Ice (324 reads) – This article takes a look at the travesty that is ESPN’s coverage of the NHL, especially during a hotly-contested Stanley Cup. How a tweet from Tony Parker took pre-eminent air-time away from a triple-OT thriller in the Stanley Cup Finals; how ESPN gave that insane game approximately 30 seconds of air-time and featured a one-minute expose on LeBron James. This article fights for hockey’s television rights when the biggest sports network in the world refuses to pay it notice – all because the intensity “doesn’t translate to TV.”



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