For the Love of the Game

Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves isn’t demanding a trade, he’s merely suggesting to the team that if they don’t trade him, he’s a lock to walk after this season.

Hm. Sounds like a skilfull way to handle a situation that Dwight Howard bungled on multiple occasions.

Anyway, no one can blame the guy because the Timberwolves are a franchise known for their losing. Love isn’t even the first Kevin to want to escape the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Garnett was traded in 2007.

Love is an incredible force on the court and, at a spry 25-years old, he can demand a lot. This season his set a Minnesota single-season record with 1,991, breaking Kevin Garnett’s mark of 1,987 (2003-04).

Love rebounds on both ends of the floor, plays a quick game while also demanding face-up attention and can shoot from the perimeter. Add up all that with the fact that he’s a decent defender makes the sum of really, really good basketball player.

As Kevin Love has mentioned to the T’Wolves that he won’t be coming back, both sides need to rush to an agreement. The superstar’s status is hurting Minnesota’s search for a new Head Coach and it’s hurting Love’s happiness with the team. (An unhappy player doesn’t hustle as hard.)

The premium destinations that are being bandied about are Boston, Golden State, and Chicago.

Sending Love to Boston would make them a playoff team, but nowhere near the championship-contending level that Love desires. Plus, even if Boston sends Minnesota its lottery pick, there are no guarantees they could use it correctly. In the haul-for-Garnett swap, Minnesota used Boston’s pick to select Jonny Flynn over Stephen Curry. If you don’t know basketball, it’s like eating a French fry out a trash can when you could’ve gone in and ordered fries for one dollar.

Golden State is intriguing because they play a fast, run-and-gun offense with the Splash Bros., Mr. Curry and Mr. Klay Thompson. The reason this won’t work is because Love isn’t the defensive stalwart that Golden State keeps looking for – and the one that they need. Andrew Bogut will never spend an entire season healthy and Andre Iguodala hasn’t materialized. They still are left short on the defensive side of the court and they aren’t the best offensively-fire-powered team in the league because of the Clippers.

The best possible fit would be the Chicago Bulls. Both Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson are advancing in years and they are unable to continue their pace of playing 25-30 minutes per night. I won’t even mention the Derrick Rose factor because he’s less reliable than, well, Congress passing a budget on time. If Jimmy Butler can make strides like he’s supposed to, he can man the three while Corey Brewer, Kirk Hinrich, and DJ Augustin make up the rest of the backcourt. Also, Chicago can’t endure another season like it just went through and firepower will be added this offseason. (The name Carmelo has been tossed around.)

But, I have yet to mention the best reason why Kevin Love to Chicago must happen. JOAKIM NOAH. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year is the defensively-minded version of Kevin Love. They’re both great passers, both great rebounders, but Noah’s defensive prowess allows for Kevin Love to stop trying to play every position – like he does with Minnesota – and focus on being a prime producer of points. Love plays now with Pekovic – who’s a poor man’s Noah. Tom Thibodeau leading a team with a backcourt of Kevin Love, Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler should terrify the rest of the league because that means the Chicago Bulls will have capitalized on the market, stealing two of the four best forwards in the league and putting them on the same team in a league where big men are a rare asset.

So please, Minnesota, send Kevin Love to Chicago. Please, like their offer.

Sincerely, every basketball fan.

Disregard everything that man said above, it’s too dangerous.

Sincerely, all 29 other NBA franchises. 


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