Purely For Sport Expands

Dear Internet,

I am excited to – once again – announce an exciting new opportunity for the syndicated network of “Purely For Sport”!

This Thursday will be the premiere of the PFS Podcast. This podcasting will run on a weekly basis and will publish on Thursdays. They will be in three varieties. A guest will either be on for one hour, 30 minutes or there will be two guests on for 30 minutes a piece.

It thrills me to inform you that Kyle Stevens – my lifelong friend to whom I am indebted for introducing me to baseball – will be joining me for the first-ever episode. We will be talking New England sports for 30 minutes and movies for 30 minutes. Don’t worry though, the pod won’t be inundated with New England sports. I have a host of guests lined up including two colleagues Alexander Flum (Washington, DC) and Curt Hogg (Wisconsin).

This, to some, may seem like a rip-off of The BS Report podcast by Bill Simmons. To those some, they would be right.

I love Simmons’ podcast and in my hopes to further my career options, I am trying out this pod business with guests that I can get on the show. Someone says something about emulation being the best form of flattery.

To download the podcast you can search “Purely For Sport” on iTunes or podgallery.com.

This podcast comes in addition to my appearances on YouTube show Sports Compass, podcast NFL Rundown, and my writing here, at Purely For Sport. You can listen to me, read me, watch me. That’s scary. Especially the watch part.

To venture into this project is something new and intriguing. I hope you’ll stick with me as I continue to explore the avenues of my future career.


Sam Fortier


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