First Day in Boston

Well, today was the day. I started my internship at WEEI in Boston working 5-11 AM on their flagship, morning-drive show, Dennis and Callahan.

Living so far away in New Hampshire meant up by 2:30, out of the house by 3 and in the parking garage by 4:45. Needless to say, it’s a crazy time.

But I was rewarded as I was able to do some really cool things today. When I showed up they immediately gave me a tutorial on their audio-editing software “NewsBoss” and I was asked to compile a list of which teams needed shortstops. (The Mariners, Pirates, Tigers, and Mets if you were wondering.)

Of course I fetched breakfast for the production crew and spent the day learning the system with two other interns, one who is leaving on Friday. I made a “cut-sheet” which is to say I organized audio clips from a Tom Verducci interview they did at 9:30.

For further instruction I found news stories on the insider trading case involving Phil Mickelson and researched this Bergdahl business in the swap between the United States and Taliban.

As I write this I publish another Monday article, but at 9:53 PM, I see that just five hours in the future my alarm will sound and I will ride my trusted steed (my car, LaVern) into Boston.

Even though above there is a complaint about the job, I love it already. Any place where knowing the MLB landscape on the thin Shortstop market is vital, work knowledge, I want a piece of it. I’m ready for me.


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