Can Former Denver Stars Succeed Outside The System?

As we get ready for 2014, 2 of the biggest names in fantasy football playing for different teams are coming off of major years with the Denver Broncos. Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno were big reasons why Denver was able to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. However, they are now both playing for different teams on the East Coast. Can they still be fantasy football relevant, or will they regress quite a bit?

The New York Jets have been struggling to find consistent offense for a while now, so they decided to grab one of the best free agents on the market in Eric Decker. He is going to be a huge target for their passing game this year, and that should put a few more points on the board. However, there are 2 factors that will go into his decline in fantasy football numbers.

First, Decker is not going to have the opportunity to receive passes from Peyton Manning. In fact, New York has not even figured out their starting quarterback job just yet. They are hoping that Michael Vick or Geno Smith will be able to distance themselves from others to earn that job. Decker will also be forced to deal with the fact that he does not have as talented of teammates as he did last year. That means more double coverage and also less touches.

For Moreno, a lot of the same things apply to him even if he is a running back. Just the threat of Manning throwing the football made defenses scared, so there was plenty of room for the running back to carry the football. It is no surprise that he was able to have his best fantasy football season of his career last year. Ryan Tannehill is solid at quarterback for Miami, but he is not destined for the Hall of Fame just yet. With less room to work with, Moreno could feel the pressure.

As you might expect, both are going to drop a little bit in fantasy football value. However, it is not going to be super drastic. Decker will probably go around 25-30 among wide receivers in fantasy football this year, while Moreno falls to around the same ranking when compared to running backs. They’re still going to be drafted, and they are still going to be decent pickups. Just do not expect them to set any personal records with their new team.

This article was written by Jess Samuels, a freelance writer, on behalf of


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