And You Get a Podcast, And You Get a Podcast!

Well, here we are. I promised you five weeks ago that I would start a podcast talking sports with some of the best I know and here it is!

Now over at iTunes you can listen to some great pods, including Curt Hogg on the Milwuakee Brewers’ season, Jacob Gedetsis on LeBron’s homecoming, and Tim Scott about the strategy for the Red Sox at the trade deadline.

Thus far into the process (six pods) I’ve learned a lot. It’s annoying to say “Yep!” or “Right” a lot when talking on a podcast, because on the listen back it’s not so pleasant. Research is vital and planning it out ahead of time with the guest keeps you both prepared. I’ve had experiences I wouldn’t have had without this podcast – like calling and talking to my roommate before move-in. Podcasting is a great exercise.

Sam Fortier is a Freshman Orangeman at Syracuse University studying Broadcast Journalism. Likes: Baseball, Carlos Gomez fights, good columns. Dislikes: Flopping and the Spanish Inquisition. 


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