NFL needs shorter preseason, less meaningless football

Post by Alex Flum

To avid National Football League fans like myself, a year consists of two seasons as opposed to the normal four. We don’t have winter, spring, summer and fall; there’s football season, and not football season. (Note: I still love basketball also, just so everyone knows. And yes, hockey and baseball are good too. And soccer…)

For sixth months we are forced to seek out other hobbies, actually do our jobs, do our schoolwork, etc. Also, we get the draft and free agency which makes things easier. When August arrives, we get excited because our teams play four or five preseason games.

Preseason is spectacular — if you are a player trying to prove that you deserve a spot on an NFL roster. Otherwise, it is a tease. Just as much of a tease as when I was in a mall in Israel and I saw taco bell and pillsbury logos in a food court and they both turned out to be shawarma restaurants (for those of you who don’t know what shawarma is, it’s a tasty Middle Eastern gyro like shaved meat that consists of chicken and other meats).

The preseason may be dull and meaningless, but it does have a purpose. The first game usually lets players and coaches shake off their dust, the second game gives players chances to earn their right, the third game usually let’s starters play a full half, while the fourth game gives guys one more chance before final roster cuts.

It simply doesn’t make sense for the NFL to play four meaningless games and risk guys getting hurt to accomplish all this when they can do it all in two games. Let guys shake off their dust and fight for a roster spot in game one; let your starters play the first half in game two and in the second half let guys fight for a roster spot. Cutting two games from the preseason, would make training camp and practices all the more interesting. The regular season can also be started at some point during August, shortening the offseason. A shorter preseason could open the door for the NFL to expand the playoffs and get a head start against bad weather.

When you’re sitting on your couch watching a meaningless football game at some point this month, think to yourself, ‘how nice would it be if there were more football games that actually counted for something.’

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