Check Out the Daily Orange

As of now, I’m in a small tent in Conway, AR desperately grasping to a single bar of LTE, trying to make this post.

It’s my 125th in a row, but this week I don’t have much for you here. That’s why I am re-directing you to The Daily Orange, ( because a lot has been happening there recently. 

On Friday, news broke that Syracuse basketball received some stringent NCAA penalties after an eight-year investigation. I helped cover some of it and the writers at The D.O. broke it down beautifully, please check out Justin Mattingly and Jess Dougherty’s pieces.

I also helped break some information this week on the tragic event of Sabrina Cammock’s death. A Syracuse track-and-field runner, she was found dead in her Times Square hotel on Saturday morning. Check my Twitter feed (sidebar!) for current news. Stay tuned for more info.

That’s all I have for now from Arkansas, but I’ll be back next Monday with additional details. 


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