Summer News


Hey y’all, in lieu of a real post on this blog (though the Red Sox won in a big way today!), I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on with me this upcoming summer.

I found out last Saturday that I will be working in New York City as an intern for Esquire Magazine.

The guy I’m working with has not provided specifics on start and end dates, but I do know the program is 12 weeks. It is my hope that I will come home for roughly 10 days after school ends (May 4) and return 10 days before school begins (August 30). Though, I am skeptical.

I’m excited to work for Esquire – its 725,000 subscribers means it’s slightly larger than this site – but possibly even more thrilling, I’ll be in close proximity to Coney Island this July 4 in order to see arguably America’s greatest sporting event, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. (Though Joey Chestnut slacked last year. Only 61 dogs? C’mon, man!)

But really, I’m ecstatic to be working at Esquire. It’s significant to me.

The first time I ever read Esquire, my grandfather’s profile was in there.image1 (2)

I had never heard of the publication until then, but I remember my parents buying almost a dozen copies in a Maine mall one night after an extended family gathering.

Seeing my Papa carry it around everywhere, how much he loved it and what something like that meant to him…That’s something I’ll never forget. The fact that he had a bigger picture than Quincy Jones and many others in that magazine and how proud he was of it…seeing the effect of an article on a subject is one aspect which makes me love writing. The spread still sits on the shelving above my bed.

Esquire also published two of my three favorite sports articles of all-time. One about Joe DiMaggio in retirement and another about a crotchety old man named Ted Williams.

Logistically, it will be a challenge. The cost of living in N.Y.C. is bonkers, but I have a plan. I will live at an Uncle’s house, about a 30-minute bus ride from downtown. I’ll also be able to store LaVern, my car, there. A few friends live in the city, so I might be able to stay with them infrequently too, if only to spell my Uncle.

I have also pre-ordered 15 pallets of Ramen.

OK, that’s not true, but I have a few packages and am prepared to live a bare-bones lifestyle in order to make the internship work.

Moving from Strafford, New Hampshire, a town of 3000 people and zero stoplights, to the largest city in America in 12 months is a huge jump for me.

I’m a little nervous. It’s a big change. But here’s to hoping it goes well.


Sam Fortier is a displaced New Englander living in New York. He likes baseball, crunchy peanut butter and the sound Kanye makes in his songs, which he thinks is spelled “HAAH.” He’s not a fan of purposefully misspelt business names (“Kathy’s Kut & Kurl”) or grammatical error’s. You can read him here every Monday, follow him on Twitter @Sam4TR, or email him at 


3 thoughts on “Summer News

  1. That’s awesome Sam! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Although a little sad that I may not see your smiling face hanging out at my house this summer….

  2. Congratulations!! That is an awesome challenge and chance. Still not too far away to get wedgies. Ya never know about this uncle. I found a job opening at Syracuse buffalo and water town. I may just pop on your next semester.

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