The NFL Draft Prospect You Wish You Knew, Were

There are can’t-miss prospects, and then there are prospects who are all miss.

Shaquille Green-Thompson was both at different points in his life. The linebacker out of Washington is a near-lock to be drafted in the first-round  of the NFL Draft this year, but there was a time he couldn’t hit.

In 2012, as an 18-year-old playing for the Boston Red Sox in the Gulf Coast League, he registered 39 bats and struck-out 37 times. (To his credit, he also earned eight walks.)

The Red Sox had took the 6-foot-2, 220-pound hyper-athletic prospect in the 18th round of the 2012 Major League Baseball draft based on defense alone. He played 13 games. Deadspin chronicled his mis-adventures throughout the summer and Green-Thompson became a hackneyed punchline on the Internet.

Mercifully, his season ended early because Green-Thompson decided to honor his commitment to Washington as one of the top safety recruits in the country. He shipped off to Washington, started going by the simpler Shaq Thompson and never returned.

Notes: Part of me wants to laugh at Thompson because he played baseball and was really bad at it, but a few things stop me:
1. He played pro baseball and I never will.
2. He proactively took at-bats from other prospects my favorite team could’ve been developing.
3. Thompson’s plan was my plan. When I was seven-years-old and the best at every sport I played, I knew that someday I’d be drafted by the Red Sox and play for them. I never got nervous either, because if that didn’t work out I could be drafted by the NFL’s New England Patriots and play for them.
3.5. That was my plan, but this guy IS ACTUALLY DOING IT.  I’m super jealous.
4. He could probably definitely beat me up.

Sam Fortier recommends this more in-depth piece by Emily Kaplan of Monday Morning Quarterback for more information on Shaq Thompson. He also wants Shaq to know, if he reads this, Sam’s only slightly mad that Thompson denied his interview request. It’s OK, he guesses. You can read Sam here every Monday, follow him on Twitter @Sam4TR, or email him at 


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