Updates from Ann Arbor

As I wrote in my last post, I was heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan to cover the Syracuse field hockey team’s quest to win a national championship. And SU did just that Sunday, becoming the first women’s team in school history to win an NCAA national championship.

Throughout the weekend my beat partner Liam Sullivan and I kept fans appraised of what was happening. We co-bylined a preview of the national championship game after SU avenged its 2014 national championship loss by beat Connecticut 3-1 in the semifinal.

In the national championship, I freelanced a game story for Syracuse.com, the local paper, and wrote some other things for The Daily Orange. Those other things included how senior goalkeeper Jess Jecko made big saves down the stretch to secure the title and how senior captain Emma Russell leaves the program as possibly its best ever.

Sam Fortier is a displaced New Englander living in New York. He likes baseball, crunchy peanut butter and the sound Kanye makes in his songs, which he thinks is spelled “HAAH.” He’s not a fan of grammatical error’s. You can read him here every Monday, follow him on Twitter @Sam4TR, or email him at sam.fortier@yahoo.com. 


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