Fortier’s Favorites

Fortier’s Favorites is the section where you can find his best articles from the Purely For Sport archives, which are cataloged in the Index

Top Five Features:

5. Torrential Rain, Touchdowns and a 68,000-Person Chorus: Sunday Night in Gillette: I went to the AFC Championship game (before all that Ballghazi nonsense) and had possibly the perfect experience. You need to read it here.

4. 24 Hours in Death Valley: 8,000 Pounds of Pork and Saturday Football: A trip to Clemson shows me the southern culture surrounding football, replete with barbecue, hospitality, and tail-gating. I fell in love with the atmosphere.

3. Having a Catch: Justin Mattingly, Baseball and the Rise of Fantasy Sports: The way to love the game of baseball is changing. Putting face to trend, this piece explores a father and son’s relationship through the game and the other (fantasy) game beyond it.

2. Coming soon

1. Always trying to have the next one be my best.


Top Five Columns:

5. Participation Spells Disaster: I once misspelled “Fiesta” in front of an audience of maybe 100 people. I laugh now, years after, but an annoying participation trophy reminds me of the medallions people need to feel better about themselves.

4. Mean Girls, Golf Clubs and Toga Times: The 18 Chances of Richie Incognito: So many reasons why Incognito should not be in the NFL. You should hate that the Bills continue to pay this man for football.

3. The Real Meaning of Fantasy Football: How fantasy sports aren’t just about winning at a semi-real game. It’s about family and growing together.

2. Life After Simmons: What Will Become of Grantland?: Everyone’s worried about where Bill Simmons is going, but the more interesting question is, What will happen to Grantland? My prognosis: Not good.

1. Who’s to Blame When Idols Fall in Shame: An introspective look including Chris Jones of ESPN piece about idols. A trying time in my life of growing up and what it means for the people around you.


Top Five Miscellaneous:

5. Maddeningly Mad: I got involved in a Madden League in college. After one game, someone tried to choke me out. Scary/Strange.

4. The Woody Allen Line: I make up a baseball statistic. Just for showing up. It’s advanced analytics.

3. The Jubilant (and Strange) Scene at the Belmont Stakes: In possibly the weirdest day of my life, I ended up wearing a t-shirt and dirty shorts to the Belmont when American Pharoah won the Triple Crown. Just strange.

2. The Derision: A completely fake news story I made up about LeBron James’ fictitious love for what I wish was a non-existent band named Nickelback. I love satire. (This is probably much funnier to me than to anyone else.)

1. Matt Bonner: The New Hampshire Sandwich Hunter: An interview. The Red Mamba and I are the same person in regards that we are red-heads and from New Hampshire, but has 13 inches on me. I sat down to talk about the NBA with Bonner and get his thoughts on everything from NCAA’s “One and Done” trend to sandwiches.




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