Story Index

New England’s secret advantage heading into the playoffs: Hint: It has nothing to do with the Patriots themselves.

Boxes of Ziti and a Chinese Hardware Store: How I Did Gambling on Sports: Well, not as badly as my mom expected but not as well as I’d hoped.

The Democratization of Internet Sports Journalism: Also in here: The saddest moment in sports journalism.

Quick analysis of the Red Sox deal with the Mariners: So the Red Sox have the most dominant bullpen in Major League Baseball now?

Updates from Ann Arbor: I went to Michigan with two other Daily Orange writers to cover the NCAA Field Hockey national championship.

An interview with Chris Hercik, Sports Illustrated’s Creative Director: Part three of three in a series where I learned about Sports Illustrated.

An interview with Danny Lee, Sports Illustrated’s New York Executive Advertising Sales Director: Part two of three in a series where I learned about Sports Illustrated.

An interview with Chris Stone, Sports Illustrated’s Managing Editor: Part one of three in a series where I learned about Sports Illustrated.

Helmet cameras for NFL players leave me with questions: Courtesy of Vernon Davis.

Sports Executive of the Year: Jeff Long: After all, he gave us the College Football Playoff.

What the new TV ratings poll tells us: More about that baseball-is-dying business.

The Man Who (Kind of, Sort of, Maybe) Changed the Course of Baseball: After the Phillies passed on him, he switched to the Kansas City Royals and the two franchises have never been the same. The exact opposite, in fact.

The Super Bowl: A Holiday: The sport displaced the church on Sunday. Now the crowning night in that sport — an event that one-third of America watches — should be considered a holiday.

Summer Recap 2015: Summer was wild. Read all about it in this post.

Uncomfortable Thoughts While Watching Football: As a fan, how do you reconcile watching football week in and week out when you know those players might end up as vegetables later?

Is Baseball Dying? Observations from Harlem, and the Internet: I was walking to Rucker Park when a basketball hits my leg and I suddenly see a juxtaposition that makes me think about the relationship between basketball and baseball.

A Welcome Home: I came home from New York and all of a sudden the Red Sox scored 22 runs in a game — of King Felix!

Mariano Rivera and Sealing the Deal With Girls: The greatest closer of all-time blew saves, too.

Sundays and the Summer at Citi Field: I went to the biggest game in Citi Field history and it was absolute bedlam. I also sort of became a Mets bandwagoner — sort of! — for the summer.

What It’s Like To Watch a Game in Rucker Park: The ruckus in Harlem when a simple league game goes down on a Wednesday night.

What It’s Like To Be The World’s Tallest Basketball Player: Bobby Wegner, of Strafford, New Hampshire, is 7 feet 8.5 inches tall. He plays basketball.

Life After Simmons: What Will Become of Grantland? Pt. 2: There’s this newspaper, called The National. Well, there was. It died. Grantland might be headed the same way.

The Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: I went to Coney Island on the Fourth of July with group of friends and saw the wildest American sporting event ever. The characters are even better than you see on TV.

When $90 Million Isn’t Enough: Why a man you probably haven’t heard of is going to say that $90 million isn’t enough for his services.

Never Leave The Game Early: A notion reinforced by a six-run rally by a hapless Angels offense in the top of the 9th inning that sent my friend Sam Blum and I nearly over the edge in Yankee Stadium.

The Jubilant (and Strange) Scene at the Belmont Stakes: Somehow my friend convinced me to take a ride with him to Belmont, I snuck into the VIP section wearing a dirty t-shirt and stained pants and saw a horse win the Triple Crown. It was weird.

Bartolo at the Bat: I watched Bartolo Colon hit a double, his second-career extra-base hit. Religious experience? Absolutely.

Baseball’s Pitch Clock, and Other Timely Thoughts: I hate the pitch clock. It makes me feel rushed when I just want to enjoy a ballgame. But I understand its purpose.

Life After Simmons: What will become of Grantland?: Bill Simmons will be fine, but what will become of Grantland and its staff writers once the Sports Guy is sent packing?

Why Boxing is Dead: Right before Mayweather-Pacquiao, my roommate and I sat around in frustration because not only could we not watch the fight on TV, but the fight was priced out of all the restaurants and bars, too.

The Prospect You Wish You Knew, Were: Horrible at baseball, pretty darn good at football.

Red Sox Wrap-Up: And then comes week two and everyone applies the breaks.

Red Sox Rapid Reactions: The Red Sox are great! They’re going to score eight runs per game! Hallelujah! But wait just a second…

Summer News: A really exciting update about my summer in…New York City!

Having a Catch: Justin Mattingly, Baseball and the Rise of Fantasy Sports: The title says it all. A father-son relationship strengthened by the game – but not how you’d expect.

Bobby Bonilla, Bernie Madoff and the Happiest Day of the Year for Mets Fans: The Mets pay Bobby Bonilla a lot of money for a 52-year-old who hasn’t played in quite some time.

My Bracket: I picked Wisconsin. They let me down. I (almost) won $300…but isn’t that always how it is?

Check out the Daily Orange: I know! I know! This isn’t a “real” post, but I was in an Arkansas tent with no Internet!

Brian Williams at the Ballpark: A minor league baseball team is lighting pants on fire in center field and it’s a great promotion.

The Meaning of Moncada: The Red Sox provided depth by signing the 19-year-old Cuban phenom. Now he creates problems because, well, where do they put him? (Also: Cole Hamels???)

Mean Girls, Golf Clubs and Toga Times: The 18 Chances of Richie Incognito: So many reasons why Incognito should not be in the NFL. You should hate that the Bills continue to pay this man for football.

Marshawn Lynch Now Has the Ball: The Seahawks Running Back might not play for Seattle next season. That’s a huge problem for the reigning NFC champs.

Super Bowl Aftermath: The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and I freaked out about it and it was amazing and I didn’t want to go to sleep and I wrote something about it and ah.

Guide to “Ballghazi”: This absurd, media-created fire-storm, non-story has gone on too long. I end it here.

Torrential Rain, Touchdowns and a 68,000-Person Chorus: Sunday Night in Gillette: I went to the AFC Championship game (before all that Ballghazi nonsense) and had possibly the perfect experience. You need to read it here.

Maddeningly Mad: I got involved in a Madden League in college and suddenly ended up face-up on a friend’s bed getting choked out by someone I had just defeated in Madden. Read how here.

Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots Preview: A friend and I wrote dueling columns to argue about who wins in this AFC Divisional playoff match-up. He argues for Baltimore while I take New England.

Year in Review: 2014’s Top Posts: The readership of this site throughout the year. Hint: One post got 10,000 reads and the next closest had 900.

The Best of 2014: I read a lot of Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Magazine, so I give my take on the two magazines best pieces of the year.

Matt Bonner: The New Hampshire Sandwich Hunter: The Red Mamba and I are the same person in regards that we are red-heads and from New Hampshire, but has 13 inches on me. I sat down to talk about the NBA with Bonner and get his thoughts on everything from NCAA’s “One and Done” trend to sandwiches.

The Daily Orange: After a semester at the second-best college newspaper in the country, I reflect on what I’ve learned and what challenges are ahead. I love it there.

Don’t Fire Scott Shafer: After a 3-9 football season, the head coach of the team is usually fired. But the SU athletic administration would be foolish to put their defensive mastermind out to pasture.

Rapid Reaction: Sox Signings: Well, the Boston Red Sox made quite the splash by acquiring Pablo Sandoval and re-acquiring Hanley Ramirez. I’m thoroughly confused by this deal because of the sheer volume of Outfielders the Sox have. Read my mystified attempt to make sense of it here.

Giancarlo Stanton Gets PAID: The Miami Marlins 25-year-old Outfielder gets a gargantuan deal. Here’s why I don’t like the deal.

100 Weeks of “Purely for Sport”:  100 Mondays in a row that Sam has posted on the blog provides for some reflective material on what he’s learned throughout the process. He also looks hopefully toward the future.

The 2016 World Series Re-Cap: Giants Win Again: A satirical prediction for when the Giants inevitably win the World Series in the next even year.

24 Hours in Death Valley: 8,000 Pounds of Pork and Saturday Football: A trip to Clemson shows me the southern culture surrounding football, replete with barbecue, hospitality, and tail-gating. I fell in love with the atmosphere.

Respect – Not #Re2pect – For Derek Jeter: I vent my frustration for Jeter-mania and the adoring media coverage.

Hostile in Buffalo: The most inhospitable place to watch a football game. My friends and I travel to Orchard Park, New York to see our Patriots play the Bills. We weren’t welcome there.

Shadily Suspicious: Is Everything O.K. With the NFL’s Reigning Rushing Champ?: LeSean McCoy isn’t playing too hot right now. Will he overcome this slow start?

One Man, One Reason, 64 Fantasy Baseball Teams: One of my best. This profiles Justin Mattingly, a Syracuse University sophomore, and his love for baseball as he joins the world’s “13th toughest Fantasy Baseball league”.

Win and In: 2014 Playoff Predictor: With an exciting MLB playoff race coming down to the final games of the season, see who’ll compete for the crown in 2014.

Ray Rice’s Suspension is Too Long: The NFL should not have suspended him indefinitely.

The Curse of the Well-Meaning Fan: Henry Owens had his three worst starts of the season when I saw him pitch in 2014. I feel bad and talk about how bad it was here.

ESPN the Mag or Sports Illustrated: Who Do You Trust?: A look at who has better, more accurate football previews for the upcoming 2014 season.

“When I Was A Boy…”: A retrospect from when I played Strat-O-Matic as a kid, brought into perspective by the fact that I attended my first college class that day.

Observations: New England Mini-Camp: What I saw at the New England Patriots-Philadelphia Eagles practice.

The $100 Million Man: Should baseball clubs commit so much money to certain players? (Jon Lester theme referenced throughout.)

Media Pundits Full List: When you need to decide which people to read or watch, here are your ten best bets.

The Winner of the World Series Is…: Here are the five best candidates to win the World Series come October.

And You Get a Podcast, And You Get a Podcast!: Some great podcasts were released featuring Curt Hogg on the Milwaukee Brewers and Jacob Gedetsis on LeBron’s return to his city.

You Can No Longer Hate LeBron James: Stop. Stop hating LeBron. Stop now. You can’t. Here’s why.

A Time Before WAR: The biggest moments in baseball are decided by chance and luck rather than statistical trends. IRREFUTABLE PROOF HERE.

Soccer and American Culture: Can soccer grow after the World Cup’s success? Ann Coulter doesn’t think so. But then again, she might want to prepare for the worst.

Participation Spells Disaster: I once misspelled “Fiesta” in front of an audience of maybe 100 people. I laugh now, years after, but an annoying participation trophy reminds me of the medallions people need to feel better about themselves.

The Name on the Front: U.S. Youth Soccer: Getting U.S. youth soccer programs to go from “me”-centric to a team combination.

A Minor Deal: I was lucky enough to participate in Ed Randall’s “Fans for the Cure” while spending a night talking to a New York Mets scout about the Minors.

First Day in Boston: Today is the first day I’ve gone down to my internship at WEEI for the Dennis and Callahan morning drive show. Here is how it went.

Purely For Sport Expands: The blog grows into a podcast. Do I dare call it a network?!

For the Love of the Game: Kevin Love needs to go to the Chicago Bulls and team up with Joakim Noah and it would be the greatest super team because of all the defense and 3-point shooting wow.

A Guide to the NHL Awards: The post-season awards for the NHL have odd, confusing names. How dare they dedicate them to benefactors and legends. Here’s a guide.

The Woody Allen Line: I make up a baseball statistic. Just for showing up. It’s advanced analytics.

A Weekend in Portland: I spend three days in Portland watching the Sea Dogs (AA – Boston) watching the performance of top prospects. I fall in love with Mookie Betts.

2014 NBA Playoff Predictions: Just what the title says. And the title says San Antonio.

 A Bite to Eat: Compensation for Student-Athletes: A look into the “amateur” world of college sports and how Shabazz Napier goes to bed hungry.

Smoked Out: Larry Sanders, Marijuana, and the NBA: The role of medicinal marijuana in the sports world and Larry Sanders’ hilariously honest approach to his suspension.

Landing Spots for DeSean Jackson: He got cut for gang-ties, but someone will be willing to take a chance on him. The only problem is he’s not taking a pay-cut. Here’s a list of teams that are interested.

For the Love of the (Fantasy) Ballgame!: A look into the last season of fantasy baseball with lots of friends and fights.

Top 10 NCAA Tournament Upsets: The name says it all. It’s a great look at the top ten.

The Real Outrage: The Miami Marlins jacked up Spring Training ticket prices when the Red Sox came to town. Then they complained when the Sox didn’t field a competitive team. I say the Miami Marlins don’t have a MLB team either.

The Death of the Company Man: Why baseball players never stay with one franchise any longer.

LeBron James: Better Than Anyone, Including Michael Jordan: LeBron is the best. Period.

Who’s to Blame When Idols Fall in Shame: An introspective look including Chris Jones of ESPN piece about idols. A trying time in my life of growing up and what it means for the people around you.

Putting Hockey on Ice: I mean, it’s already on ice, but I discuss the problem of professionals in the Olympics. They might not, and should not, be there anymore.

Seattle’s Super Job: An analysis of the domination/embarrassment that Seattle put down on Denver in the Super Bowl.

Does Defense Still Win Championships?: YUUUP. See how.

A Mockingbird Finds Its Own Voice: My take on the brilliant, insane, crazy-man outburst of Richard Sherman.

More Than the Score: A Battle of Legacies: The true significance of this Manning-Brady AFC Championship game.

The Real Meaning of Fantasy Football: How fantasy sports aren’t just about winning at a semi-real game. It’s about family and growing together.

Year in Review: 2013’s Top Posts: The most-read articles of the year.

The One-Year Retrospective: I consistently posted on Purely For Sport for one year, here’s how much I’ve grown in that year.

The Least of the East: I kinda-sorta make fun of the Cowboys for this entire article and bring up stats about how stark their mediocrity is and will continue to be.

Blazing Stove Notes: I write down my thoughts on a hot-hot-hot stove. Guys, I made a pun.

Why the Heisman Does Not Matter Anymore: “Best player in college football” or “Best QB”? It’s irrelevant now.

To Tank or Not To Tank: When it comes to the NBA, maybe effort isn’t always given. But with the uncertainty of the lottery, is it smart?

Predicting the AFC Playoff Picture: There’s Denver…then there’s everybody else!

The Derision: A completely fake news story I made up about LeBron James’ fictitious love for what I wish was a non-existent band named Nickelback. I love satire.

Does Pitching Still Win Championships?: Yeah. Yeah it does.

Game 5 World Series Preview: A look at Game 5 before it happens.

World Series Preview: The St. Louis Cardinals try to be the older sister’s of Boston’s Cinderella-Strong run towards the World Series. Here’s the preview.

Why I Do What I Do: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supplement gets me thinking about why I write about sports. Here’s why.

What’s Wrong with the NBA: A lot. So much. But mostly headlined by nicknames on jersey. I fume.

Game 163: When 162 games isn’t enough to decide a MLB season, they play extras. I break down the Rays-Rangers matchup.

A Whole New World: The announcement of my new foray into the sports journalism world at!

Thursday Night Football: Why does the NFL have bad, inaccessible football on Thursday nights? I don’t know either. So, I wrote a column about how much I dislike it.

American League Playoff Portrait: The skinny on how the AL playoff race will shake out heading into October.

The Best Part of Being the Worst: How the Houston Astros transparent plan to be the worst in baseball is the best approach to future success.

Ryan Braun’s Apology: A scathing annotation of Ryan Braun’s “profound” apology

Takeaways from the Patriots Preseason: The 2013 Patriots season gets some coverage, hoping their defense gets how to cover as well.

NFL Head Coaches Under Pressure: Headed into the 2013 NFL season, which NFL coaches need to be worried about their jobs?

Boston After the Trade-Deadline: A retrospect of July 31st and how the Red Sox are set-up for a championship push

The Sox at the Trade-Deadline: What moves the Boston Red Sox need to make for the final push into October baseball

Another Baseball Stat (But This One’s Worth Knowing): An analysis of ‘The Maddux’ – baseball’s best pitching statistic

Proof the Red Sox Will Only Get Better: Injuries and poor play can’t hold down the Sox, how far can they rise?

Predicting the Top Five Running Backs: A guest article predicting Fantasy Football’s best and brightest stars at Running Back

Let Him Play: Puig and the Midsummer Classic: Put Yasiel Puig in the All-Star game!

Something to Believe In: A Tim Tebow article that examines why he’s treated with such derisive ways…and why that should not be so

A Shark’s Inability to Separate: A look at why Aaron Hernandez’s story isn’t unique and why things like that will continue to happen unless athletes smarten up

Neglect on Ice: A critical look at the disrespect ESPN gives hockey

Playoffs: A Comparison Between the NHL and NBA: A look at the two most dividing playoff series that happen at the same time every year

Who’s Coming Out of the Bullpen?: The weirdness of seeing Jonathan Papelbon in Fenway without a Sox uniform and an argument for the best closer in the past 25 years

Defensemen on the Defensive: How the Bruins Defensemen are keeping them in the playoff hunt

The Curious Case of Carmelo: Carmelo Anthony goes to the movies, the Knicks get blown out of the playoffs and nobody knows why!

How Are You, David?: A look at the Dan Shaughnessy v. David Ortiz feud. A retrospective on the backlash that Shaughnessy received about his question on PEDs, should there have even been a backlash to be had?

Mocking the Mocks: The absolutely absurd – and often inaccurate – practice of “mock drafts.” If you feel this way, commiserate!

Fear For The Beard: Where Brian Wilson went after shoulder surgery, the emergence of Sergio Romo, and my commentary from a trip to the Bay Area

In John We Trust: The reason(s) why Boston is fangirling over John Farrell

Death of a Sales Pitch: The Red Sox finally gave up on the mythical selling streak – a reaction

Speaking Money: The ludicrous lucrative deals in baseball today and the effect on the market in all sports

America’s Game: The beauty of the game of baseball. The simplicity on the diamond and why it’s still America’s favorite game

Remembering the Class Slipper: A cliche “Cinderella story” with a not-so storybook ending

On to the Next One: A look inside the culture of the NFL and the interchangeable parts of a franchise, with examples on the Patriots and Wes Welker

Let’s Go Streaking: Tamer than the provocative title, a view on winning streaks by the Blackhawks on Ice and the Heat in Miami

Back to School: Reasons why the NBA game experience pales in comparison to college hardwood; fan feelings

Fighting for Fighting: Everyone has opinions on fighting in the NHL – and this is no exception

The NBA Fading-Star Weekend: What the NBA needs to fix in it’s All-Star weekend

Pacing Themselves: Why the Indiana Pacers will win the NBA title

What’s it Going to Take?: Joe Flacco wins Super Bowl MVP, and the crowd just shrugs. The overvalue of the modern-day Quarterback.

What the NHL Can’t Afford: Gary Bettman, the NHL Players Association and the work stoppages that are costing players, fans, television sets across the US and (mostly) Canada, millions.

A Tale of Two Halves: Tom Brady and His Legacy: A dichotomy of Tom Brady’s career and his 2013 AFC Championship game against Baltimore

The Rookie Revolution: Yeah, there’s guys like Ryan Leaf every once in a while, but yeah, there’s guys like Tom Brady every once in a while. So what makes the Draft Class of 2012 so unbelievably good?

The Celtics Bandwagon Now Has One Rider: Choo Choo! All Aboard! Why the Boston Celtics will play the role of rabble-rouser in the playoffs

Rushing the Same Way Since 1984: Adrian Peterson and the modern-day NFL, plus an analysis of Peterson’s attempt at Eric Dickerson’s rushing record and what Peterson’s response meant

My Father’s Generation of Red Sox: Where have all the Dirt Dogs gone? A look at the Red Sox offseason acquisitions

Pilot: The first blog post I ever wrote. Christmas Eve 2012, born out of a love for writing and for sports. The two will be conjoined for the rest of my life, I hope.


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